The Best Marketing Podcast Anywhwere

I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Beancast aka " The Best Marketing Podcast Anywhere". Hold on TIGHT for a death defying audio cacophony through the nebulous yet grandiose (but never pretentious) marketing and social media (under)world.  i.e. please click on this LINK to listen/download the show ..... Featuring Myself,  Bob Knorpp, Jared Roy and David Spark.  

Intersect: Inspiring Imagination and Innovation

I've been working with a great team of innovators  for an organisation called Intersect.   

Save the date for March 7th  2013 as we are excited to announce 'Unleashing Risk -  The Innovator's Opportunity'.It's a brand new conference that wrestles the challenge of how to truly use risk as a growth catalyst for innovation.   

Speakers include top executives from Kraft Foods, Johnson Controls, GE Healthcare and Harvard Professor Carliss Baldwin.   More announcements to come soon....Check it out and register

Slightly Less Dissappointing Than Other Companies

My first ever Archie McPhee package arrived today, and introduced me to their wonderful tag line "Slightly less dissapointing than other companies".  Brought a wry smile to my face, and told me all I need to know about their unique brand character. Love it! #Lovemark.

P.S.......take another look at 'dissappointing'...and run a spell check !