The Art of Marketing (#TAOM) - Quotes that provoke ACTION

I get it.

You’re too busy to read a full recap of what the speakers had to say at the art of Marketing Chicago conference today.

So… here are 10 bite sized quotes that provoke action:  my notes and via Twitter #TAOM.

Why Marketers should be artists
1. "commodity is just a marketer that has given up"  - Seth Godin
2. "competence is no longer a scarce commodity" - Seth Godin   

What consumers want
3. "…we use our wealth to get weirder, we use wealth to be more like ourselves" -  Seth Godin
4. (pt 1) "Give a shit first, then maybe consumers will be interested in you”  
5. (pt 2) "..yes and they [customers] talk back now, we have to respect that via good cop marketing" – Gary Vaynerchuk

Leadership in 2012  
6. "lead with generosity, intimacy, candor and accountability" -  Keith Ferrazzi
7. It's Critical to shift from "Stumbling into intimacy" to a relationship strategy. Consider what are you ‘selling’ vs what people are ‘buying’ -  "Ask how can I serve you" - Keith Ferrazzi
8. "Do exactly what I tell you" is the 'Factory' model that no longer works – Seth Godin

Digital stuff…….  
 9. all a ‘bounce rate’ tells you is that "I came, I puked, and then left" - Avinash Kaushik
10. "do you work on a brand that has the right to be on the home page of your smart phone ?” -  Mitch Joel

P.S. Im saving @avinash’s salacious quotes for a deep dive post, and will leave you with the thought, that a book calledPuke.Boom.Orgasm.Awesome is in his destiny.


I am NOT an Olympic Champion

Every day we are bombarded messages that are supposed to inspire us to do and be here are two perfect posts to help you get there.

1) Seth Godin reminds us that the hardest part is the last 10% of any task...which of course he concludes is where you should make the most effort, find the link here

2) So then I read this amazing post on the BBC about Carolina Kluft (an Olympic champion) who found winning so boring, she changed to an event she has no chance of winning..... 

Confused ? You shouldn't be, as I guess when you are an Olympic champion a commitment to making the most effort can only mean challenging yourself in an event where you are NOT the Olympic champion......

50% NOT Seth Godin...more books that provoke action

Completing my list of 6 books to buy are the reamining 3 that got me agitated, engaged and excited......and happen not to be written by Seth Godin.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful (Marshall Goldsmith)

Its a smart choice to listen to the Audio book version of this, as the author has a way to get your attention, and shake you out of your complacency on the subject matter. Expertly written and full of useful tips on how to succeed in your career - notably what to change, do less of and the key things to do more of.  Its a book that will be trusty accompanyment and a repeat read (listen) - for the rest of your career.

What Should I Do with My Life?: The True Story of People Who Answered the Ultimate Question (Po Bronson)

Whilst the title is a little misleading this is truly a a book of hope, charm, and intensity that leads the reader to reflection. The book is a series of interviews with people who tell their story, often of how they changed or discovered a new life path, be it early or late in life. An engaging read, and one that will force you to re-think what you are currently doing with your life - you have been warned !
Outliers: The Story of Success (Malcolm Gladwell)

This book challenges the perceived wisdom that self determination is the lead reason for success. By studying the phenomenom of 'outliers' Gladwell uncovers the pivotal role of environmental factors and biases that lead to outstanding achievements. A great book that helps you see the real 'facts', and an excellent read for those who like to challenge the status quo.

50% Seth Godin - Books That Provoke Action

Seth Godin's writing provokes me into action each and every time, hence no surprise that 3 of the 6 books I'm recommending are by him, so check them out. Catch the remaining 3 books in my next post.

Purple Cow, New Edition: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable
The test of a good business book are if the core principles stand the test of time. In this case, c.9 years after publication the edict to be 'remarkable' holds truer than ever, (although innevitably) some of the brand examples are beginning to date a little.  Godin comprehensively undermines the traditional mass tv driven advertising business model, and as the sage he is - the social media phenomena has proven his core arguments to be fundemantally true.
Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us
Tribes doesn't stray too far from the 2 topics of leadership and avoiding mediocrity. Seth Godin hammers home the vital importance of being remarkable and NOT wasting your resources on simply maintaining the status quo. He makes it plain that mediocrity is equivalent to invisibility and you cant help but love him for pointing that out.
The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick)
This book helps educate when you should quit and move on or to stick and push through. Seth keeps it short and focussed so you only need 2 hours or so to absorb the key learnings. Perfect! 

Revealed:The Linchpin's (not so) secret weapon

Joyfulness Restored
Following my previous post "Black Friday and the GPS Blues", joyfulness has been restored and marketing once more triumphs.

(not so) Secret Weapon to monetary attraction
Seth Godin has smartly cultivated his fans in order to launch his new book "The Linchpin" with a simple yet compelling formula (with his actions in brackets):

  1. Functional Benefit (book) +

  2. Emotional benefit (Acumen Fund - Charity endorsement) +

  3. Motivation (limited offer of 3000 + request to blog a review)

= Monetary Attraction

The formula is masterful ...savour, digest, share and reapply.

In search of the Remarkable: No.1 Dan Roam

Inspired by Seth Godin, I'm consistently in search of the remarkable, and this pursuit has led me to the fabulous work of Dan Roam.

Start at the Beginning
My visits to Barnes & Noble stores, are underpinned by a compulsion to browse the business section, with my working theory that the market is fuelled by 3 drivers:
a) a race to create the latest buzz word
b) a plethora of new/breakthrough 7-10 step processes that will revolutionize the way we think
c) the emerging/returning Guru with the as seen on ‘Oprah/The View/Fast Money/Today’ sticker on the front cover, (with accompanying endorsements from all the usual suspects).

The Discovery
The above theory is being threatened by Dan Roam’s book ‘The Back of the Napkin – Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures’. This literally jumped out at me; as my preference for visualizing my thinking is the core of his work - via ingenious illustrations that help captivate and inform. I just Had to buy it, and i dont think he's been on Oprah ...yet !

Demanding Attention
...But... to be honest I haven’t yet read it, as Dan’s book was in the queue - behind ‘Purple Cow’ (Seth Godin) and The Black Swan (Nassim Nicholas Taleb) which I’m attempting to read simultaneously…

Well, not any more, Dan has captivated my attention by writing 4 amazing 'Napkins' which demystify the healthcare reform debate (in the US) - leveraging his truly unique pictorial eloquence and elegance…I’m absolutely hooked, and he’s forced me into choosing him first (and hence placing on hold the other books I'm reading), and that’s what any great brand should achieve…

NB I’ll post a review when im finished, but go and check out the book website

KISS - Keep it Short and Sweet

In the current age being time poor is inevitable, with the added burden of yearning for continuous development and learning. There is however a practical way to know what’s hot, and stay ahead of the curve as efficiently as possible.

I have become an immediate fan of Seth Godin, who gets his messages across by owning the mantle of being brutally honest, repetitive and most importantly short and 'sweet'.

In ‘The Dip – the little book that teaches you when to quit (and when to stick)’’ he talks about the same 2 themes over and over, and abruptly stops after only 80 pages. Its successor ‘Tribes – we need you to lead us’ on the other hands runs a little longer (150 pages), but doesn’t stray too much from the 2 topics of leadership and avoiding mediocrity.

In tribute to Seth I leave you with my review of Tribes - in as succinct a manner as possible: provoke, frustrate, enlighten, motivate, enable !

NB I’m waiting on Amazon to deliver ‘Purple Cow’, with the hope it’s equally as short and just as engaging.