Open Letter to Jason Wu

Hi Jason,  Kudos to you ......and I know you are pretty busy right now after designing that dress for Michelle Obama....But my simple plea is to get your marketing folks to remove this offer RIGHT NOW !!

                                            Home Page at  Jan 23rd 2013 (1pm CST)

                                            Home Page at Jan 23rd 2013 (1pm CST)

You don't need to give away a 20% discount as an incentive for your newsletter....Instead, elevate your brand and use this space to tell the story that's relevant to why you are getting so much traffic right now, or directs us to the story that captures the moment, our hearts and minds.

The beauty of digital is that its really QUICK to fix I'm hoping its a priority.,.... as I know you are active on Twitter right now.

Once again, Kudos and congrats to you,  Samuel !

P.S. Its only when you click to the left hand side on the site that you see the sections on 'craftsmanship' and about the brand or the content is there...just need to make sure its not hidden or appears as an afterthought.


Not sure I can take any credit....but I've just been back to the web site and today (Wednesday 6th February 2013) the promo message has gone...replaced by this...

jason wu pic_stop press.jpg